Jorit Vásconez Gerlach

Creative Development

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Marketing Design

How I Work


Before I start the actual work, it is important that I know what the client wants.

I meet with the client to talk about his ideas and figure out what precisely he wants. To showcase how the final product might look, I create initial designs and mockups. As soon as the client is satisfied and thinks that everything is ready to go, I'll move on to the next step.


Now it's time to get everything ready, collect and sort resources, and start working on the project.

To work I use professional software I have purchased over the years. These include little-known, but very useful applications and also huge programs (for example Photoshop or Lightroom). Throughout the entire process, clients have the ability to track work times and progress.

Throughout the entire process, I appreciate staying in close contact with the customer to achieve better results.


A project is finished when the client is happy with the results! For me, it's important to hand out resources and further information about the creation process if the client wants it.

Because my projects are 100% self-made, I structure everything the way that others understand and can later improve my work. I am always available for questions about the project I was working on.

Founder of Swibble (For Web/App Design and Development please book there) Visit Website


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